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Sycamore Removal in Notts

Sycamores can set themselves almost anywhere and grow quickly.

Sycamore Removal in Notts
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We've all seen those propellers / helicopters (proper name samara) gently floating by on the breeze and then settling sometimes quite some distance from the tree.  These seed pods can set themselves very easily and grow up to 10cm in a couple of months.

They can grow up to 35m and live for hundreds of years. They're one of our hardiest and most successful trees.

For all the reasons above, sycamores are a tree we're very often called in to deal with. This particular example wasn't huge but the property owner was obviously conscious of the fact that left much longer, it would start to cause problems being close to pavements and driveways.

We were able to scale the tree easily and after removing limbs set to work on the main trunk.

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