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An Unpopular Poplar

The Poplar is ubiquitous throughout suburbia but what lies beneath can make it very unpopular.

An Unpopular Poplar
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Poplar trees grow quickly and are very aesthetically pleasing. With over 20 species, the Poplar has proved to be an enduring favourite. Their heart-shaped leaves, that glow gold in Autumn, and pleasing shape make for an alluring prospect. However, they put down an incredibly strong root structure, very quickly, and like the Willow they soak up an incredible amount of water. 

When we were called to take a look at this particular tree, we could immediately see the problems at hand. The tree had dramatically outgrown its position and was affecting nearby building work. Poplars have a maximum life span of around 50 years and this tree must have been very close to that age, so we're certain that removing it was the right decision.